Grow Your Own Pool Privacy Fence With These Plants

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Having your own pool is fantastic for all kinds of reasons, and in addition to its practical benefits, it also makes your backyard look great. That said, once you've got your pool installed and have got used to it being there, why not take some time to landscape the area around it and make it look even better?

There are lots of things you might think about when you're choosing plants to go around a pool – what they look like, whether or not they flower, if they're strictly seasonal, etc. And while all of these are good reasons to choose a particular plant, you could also think about what they could do for you in practical terms. One example is the privacy that can be afforded by choosing the right plants, so you can relax in peace without worrying about people seeing into your private pool.

Here are some good choices for plants that can give you a bit of screening.

Leyland cypress

These dense evergreens grow at quite an astounding rate, so even if you plant them young, you won't have to wait too long for them to provide nice coverage. On the other hand, you might find their speedy growth an inconvenience if you're not able to keep on top of pruning. Another major benefit is that they're evergreens, so you'll get year-round privacy with these.


Like the Leyland cypress, bamboo is a fast grower with evergreen foliage. But in terms of looks, the two are starkly different. Bamboo has more of an exotic look and will need closer spacing if you want good coverage. If you're worried about it becoming invasive, plant it in long, shallow containers to easily maintain control.


A bush-like shrub that forms tight hedges, boxwood takes well to pruning. This means that you can shape it easily and encourage it to form the perfect shape for your privacy fence. There are many boxwood varieties, but they're all evergreen.


A classic hedge plant that's been used for a long time around the world. Like boxwood, it's easy to shape and maintain, but it may lose its leaves in winter, depending on the variety of privet you grow, and your climate.

Palm trees

With their slim trunks, palms don't provide much coverage at ground level, but their upper leaves can stop prying eyes from above. This is a great way to keep a bit of privacy without causing too much lower shadow.

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12 July 2017

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