Two Lighting Ideas For Use Inside A Corporate Marquee


It is the perfect time of year to organise an outdoor event. The weather during the day is mostly sunny and in the mid-20s, but when the sun goes down, it does get a little chilly. Therefore, hiring a marquee for your upcoming function is a great choice to keep the guests warm after the sun disappears, but what is the best way to provide lighting in a tent without compromising the safety of your guests? Use these two ideas to get the lighting and ambience you need without worrying about worrying about fire hazards.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a lovely choice for a marquee hire for three reasons:

  1. They do not overheat. Fairy lights are safe enough to be left running for hours on end on your Christmas tree, which proves they're safe enough to use in a marquee.
  2. The most common colour of fairy light is white. This gives a pretty glow in the tent without the harsh glare that comes from a standard light bulb.
  3. Fairy lights are usually on white cables that blend in nicely with the marquee support poles. This adds a fairy tale look to the marquee interior.

Small Traditional Lights

If you decide you want to use coloured lights, or you don't like the idea of fairy lights, then a string of traditional low-watt light bulbs can be used. However, if you go with this option, make sure you choose LED lights rather than the filament type light bulb.

When you need to remove a blown filament light bulb from its socket after it stops working, you know that it feels very hot to touch and you need to wait for it to cool down a little before you can unscrew it with your fingers. The filament inside the light bulb gets up to 2500 °C as electricity flows through it.

The problem with using filament light bulbs is the heat generated can leave scorch marks on the marquee fabric due to the heat they generate. Scorch marks can lead to the loss of the deposit paid when you hired the marquee. LED lights, by comparison, are proven to be much cooler to the touch. This keeps the marquee safe from damage and fire when using a LED light.

Now you know the best ways to provide safe lighting within the hired marquee, you can book what you need so the tent can be lit up nicely on the night of your event.


24 July 2017

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