Choosing a function centre for your next upbeat training session

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If you are in the sales business a training session needs to be more than a business meeting, it also needs to be an entrainment event. Having the right venue is essential in getting your sales team motivated and get them selling as much as possible. Here are some tips to make sure your function centre is perfect for your next sales training session:

Great sound system

Creating an energetic and enthused crowd requires a great sound system. Music can help you to create the emotional environment that you need to get people excited about your topic and it can make sure that the people in the crowd hear your message. Additionally a great sound system can also help the staff to ask any questions that they want to ask, making it a truly inspiration two way communication experience. Ask the function centre about their sound system quality in both directions as well as checking if they have the ability to patch in comments or questions from remote sites if it is not possible for all the staff to attend on the day. 

Clear presentation screens

While you want an emotionally vibrant event, sales events also often need to pass on some technical information. Having a system that allows everyone to clear see you presentations and take in the technical information is also important. Depending on the size of the venue you may need multiple screens or flexibility to allow people to view the presentation on a personal tablet or phone screen if they are further back from the stage. 

After hours facilities

While it´s important to have the formal sessions a lot of the important action in a training session actually goes on after hours in networking sessions. Find a venue that has facilities so that you can have the sessions on site. This allows you to maximise the interactions between the sales staff and trainers as well as letting the sales staff have some important interactions with each other to share insights and ways to improve your sales process. This can be a vital part of ensuring that your sales staff performs at maximum capacity and continues to keep improving. 

If you are about to run a large scale sales training session that is not only great for business but that also creates an entertaining spectacle and helps to motivate everyone to take your company to the next level, you should choose spectacular function venues


6 August 2017

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