2 Ways to Keep Your Shirt Tucked in During Your Wedding


Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, and you likely want this day to go off without a hitch. However, you don't want to be constantly tucking your shirt back into your pants because it won't stay in place. If you haven't had to wear formal clothing before, you may not be sure how to pull this off on your big day. These two pointers will keep your shirt, and not your hands, inside your pants.

Purchase Shirt Garters

Shirt garters, also known as shirt stays, are a long piece of an elastic band with a clip on each end. One end clips onto the bottom of your shirt, and the other end clips onto the top of your sock. This device is a double win as it keeps your shirt pulled down and your socks pulled up! The tension in the elastic keeps your shirt in place for the whole of your wedding day.

Shirt garters come in two different styles. One version is two pieces of separate elastic, so you attach one clip to each sock and the other clip to the corresponding side of the shirt. The other option looks like a 'Y". The top of the Y attaches to the front and back of the bottom of the shirt. The elastic then runs down your leg and attaches to the sock. You can purchase shirt garters at your local formal clothing store or through a tailor.

Purchase a Custom Fit Shirt

Many men choose an off-the-rack shirt when hiring or buying an outfit for their wedding day. While this is the cheapest way to look your best, it is not a shirt that is perfectly designed to suit you. Even if you do choose to rent a suit, buy a custom fitted shirt for these three reasons:

1. Excess shirt fabric is one reason your shirt constantly untucks. Small darts put into the back of the shirt are enough to reduce excess fabric and make the shirt fit better.

2. Higher armholes in shirts mean less shirt movement. For example, a shirt with a low armhole means your shirt moves upwards more when you raise your arms. A high armhole means your shirt moves less and stays tucked in.

3. The longer the shirt, the less likely it is to untuck. A tailor makes the shirt to match the perfect length for your torso rather than a mass-produced shirt which is only made to suit the average male.

Talk to your tailor about custom formal wear that perfectly suits you, so you don't spend your wedding day tucking your shirt back into your pants every ten minutes.


22 August 2017

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