Features to Offer at Your Bed and Breakfast

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If you're thinking of a career in hospitality and also own a large home, you might start your own bed and breakfast business, offering guests overnight accommodations and then a light breakfast each morning. Many travellers enjoy this type of accommodation, as a bed and breakfast is usually homier than a hotel, and guests may also appreciate having a meal provided before they head out for the day. After you've checked on local regulations and requirements for any such establishment, note a few features you might offer to your guests, to encourage them to choose your establishment versus another accommodation and to ensure their comfort as well!

Beverages and snacks upon their arrival

While a bed and breakfast is meant to provide a breakfast for travellers, your guests might also appreciate a beverage and light snack upon their arrival. You can add a fruit basket or a snack basket with a selection of cheese and crackers or candy bars to each room along with a cooler with orange juice, bottled water and the like. If this would eat into your profits too much, you might consider putting a vending machine in your home that guests can access! Affordable snacks and beverages can make guests more comfortable, and you might even earn a bit more revenue from such a machine.

Maps and menus

While some travellers may have their holiday or trip already planned out, some might appreciate having maps of the city, menus from area restaurants, brochures of nearby museums and other information available to them. You don't need to clutter up your home with this information, but might set these things out neatly in a small basket in each room, so guests can easily make their way around the city while staying at your home.

In-room entertainment

Even if your home is in a very attractive natural area, or in the heart of a major city, guests might still want to spend some time in their room, watching television or a movie. Providing in-room entertainment, such as pay-per-view cable packages or movies on-demand, can make them feel more comfortable and at ease. This can also keep them occupied if it ever rains or they simply need a break from sightseeing. You might be cautious about adult entertainment that could be accessed by children, but your local cable television provider can usually connect you with appropriate packages or options. Like having a vending machine onsite, you may even be able to increase your revenue by offering guests this type of paid option during their stay!


9 April 2018

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Whether hosting a group of rowdy teenagers, or inviting a group of adult friends around, providing entertainment for a party is a must. A dinner party will be just fine with some elegant background music, but if you're hosting a larger number of guests consider using your home entertainment system as a place for people to gather. While some guests will want to visit and talk, some may just want to watch something on the big screen TV. Having a separate room available for people to sit and watch a movie, a live game or play on a console system keeps noise away from those who wish to chat.